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The staff at TheBestMan:

da boyz

Dan Sweeney, Scott Miller, Brian Smith

All three are married, sorry ladies. Scott Miller, Brian Smith, and Dan McSweeney, respectively, have registered the domain and launched a unique web presence.

Some time ago, before Miller left to attend a weekend bachelor party and fishing trip, he searched the web unsuccessfully for advice regarding a best man's duties and stories about successful parties. An extremely gifted illustrator himself, he enjoined coworkers Smith, a wiz-bang designer, and McSweeney, a world-class photographer/producer, to create the first wedding-oriented destination on the world wide web coming from a male perspective.

Until now, promotion of the site has been by word of mouth. But since attaining the number one position on Yahoo! when searching on the term "Bachelor Party," the site has seen traffic of over 10,000 hits per day, roughly 1,000 page views.

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