You have a friend in the BestMan business!


If you were going to help your buddy the groom build a home for he and his new wife, wouldn't you think it's a good idea to show up with some tools? Much in the same way a house needs to be built, a bachelor party needs to be built. It's paramount to have the standard bachelor party tools to build the perfect party. Here we talk about the tools you will need and how to use them.

Lung love:

Can we talk for a moment about inflatables? What bachelor party would be complete without a blow-up doll? The amount of fun derived from a common plastic sheep is mind boggling. It goes without saying of course, that the plastic fantastic lover is just for laughs. But we thought we'd better say, just in case. We know of one inebriated friend of a friend who misunderstood the intentions of a certain lady of latex. Their eyes met from across a dimly lit bathroom. Her pose was striking. Her manner gentle. His passion undeniable. Their interlude brief. Their coitus interruptus. His reasons vague. Our laughter endless. It was a very long night for "Dirty Dog Dave" after what is now fondly referred to as "How do you stop Dave from charging?-You take away his plastic". Don't let this happen at your bachelor party without a camera.

We like to watch:

Make sure any hotel you line up has a video player so you can have a skin flick always running in the background. Let us just say Women-On-Women videos only. Nothing can clear the room of a bunch of fun loving guys like a TV screen full of male unit. The Playboy Playmate of the Month videos are perfect. Also get a video of girls with huge Monster Tits just for the laughs.


Always have a couple issues of Playboy (the best all-around skin rag) laying around. The guys will appreciate the effort and it will bridge any down time in the festivities. Besides, there are always jokes inside you can tell each other.


Blowup Dolls
Hand Cuffs (cuff the groom to a nice comfortable chair and throw the key out the window)

  The Big Day
Steppin' Out