You have a friend in the BestMan business!

Having a bachelor party at a hotel can save you time and energy. You don't have to clean the sheets, and you don't have to clean the puke, you can just get up and go home in the morning.

Call several different hotels well beforehand (don't give your name until you have to), to ask if they mind having bachelor parties. Some hotels will tell you where to get off, but some will have special suites set aside just for you. They understand what takes place at a bachelor party, the mirth and mayhem, but they still want your money. They'll give you a room at the far end of the hotel with very few breakables, no sharp objects and many places to pass-out.

Just what you're looking for.

You don't want to disturb anyone but you don't want anyone disturbing you either. So call around and see what different hotels offer. If you cant find any hotels that want you, find one that you want and don't tell them what your up to. It's really none of their business anyway.


If you're having a stripper you might need an additional room for her to get dressed in. You don't want her tying up the bathroom.

If the bathroom has a bidet have plenty of towels available. It's like a big squirt-gun, tons of fun, but lots of mess.

If the room has a fire-place; stay away from it, you don't need mood lighting and you don't need to fork out for a three alarm fire. Nix the fire (trust us).

If there's a swimming pool, you know . . .and you're on the fourth floor, . . .and you have a balcony, . . . and you have a bunch of drunk bastards who like to see if they can get other drunk bastard to do stupid things . . well-better not have a room next to a pool.


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