You have a friend in the BestMan business!

Any time you go out with a bunch of drunk bastards and whoop it up -like you're prone to do, please try to remember that you're representing the wedding party and therefore the bride to-be . . . Just Kidding! Whoop to your hearts content, its a bachelor party for Christ sake! The things you need to worry about are the easy things. Like getting a proper head-count on who's coming to the event and bringing a cell phone so people can find you (don't tell guys that you'll call them when you find a good spot because you'll be too drunk to remember, let them call you). That way you can buy tickets beforehand and dole them out before the event- you'll want to sit together so you can yell and be obnoxious with your pals. Or if it's a general seating event plan on a place to meet once inside.

Oh yeah, and . . .
drink plenty of fluids
use sun block
bring cash
puke in designated receptacles
have fun.


You are naturally limited to only those sporting events which occur during the time frame of the wedding. Most weddings are during the warmer months, Ipso-facto most bachelor parties are in warmer months.

NHL Playoffs:

Jesus Saves, he passes to Moses, he deeks, he shoots, HE SCORES! Nothing better than playoff hockey. There's violence, beer, food, babes bouncing up and down the stairs, just the kind of thing you're looking for! As with any professional sport, playoffs tickets are tough to come by so good luck. Is it just me or does it seem like there's more drinking at hockey games than at any other sporting event. Hmmm?

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