You have a friend in the BestMan business!

Okay, so it's time to head to a club or two or three. Hopefully you either have a limo, or a taxi, or have strategically positioned yourself at a hotel within walking distance of a few hot spots. What is it you're looking for? Well, that's easy you're looking for Honeys, Alcohol, and Tunes. In that order. (henceforth referred to as HAT)

Lets divide our discussion into two categories – Strip Clubs and Other.

We'll start with strip clubs because we here at The Best Man are guys, and it just makes sense to us to think of naked women before anything else. Besides, you're guaranteed HAT at a strip club. Of course, some strip clubs offer complete nudity and therefore no alcohol so if you go to one of these, drink mass quantities beforehand. Also the Tunes might be a bit weak but you probably won't notice, what with all the T&A;.

Strip clubs are specifically designed to entice, excite, gyrate and wiggle one particular item right out of your jeans. Yes, we're talking about your wallet. Remember to have cash for the tips and cash for the drinks. You don't want to use their ATM, because it will cost too much in finance charges and if someone else (wife) finds your statement (wife) you may have some 'splainin' to do.

When you get there, let the establishment know that you're having a bachelor party. There may be some perks for the bachelor, such as no cover charge. Another thing that's always a good idea is to be nice and tip the waitress. She'll be your next show and if you were nice to her, she'll be nice to you.

Now let's address Other. Get all the guys together and go to a comedy club. Again, make sure the establishment knows you're having a bachelor party. After the show head over to some dance club or sports bar or pool hall that has HAT, and let it be known that it's a bachelor party and fun will be had. May we suggest that you hire a stripper to show up at the club dressed as a club waitress. Have her scold the groom for all the ruckus he and his party are causing and then she can take her clothes off.

It's fascinating that women are somehow attracted to a bunch of guys at a bachelor party night out. Is it that women are looking for guys having fun? Or is it that they associate bachelor parties with weddings and it just gets their hormonal juices flowing? Be assured, there's something to it. The babes might even buy a few rounds. It's so good to be a guy.

The Last Word

You should appoint a Designated Event Folklore Orator: He's the one guy that doesn't drink to excess, and is able to recount all of the cool things you and the guys were able to accomplish during your night of blind inebriation.


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