You have a friend in the BestMan business!

As The Best Man, you fully appreciate this aspect of the bachelor party. You may not, however, completely understand the protocols. Here, we've outlined some of the obstacles you may face when securing exotic entertainment. It's important to remember that these girls are professional entertainers, not criminals. They are daughters, sisters, and mothers. They represent a cross section of society, cashiers, waitresses, students. Show them the respect they deserve.

Strippers: A few considerations.

1) Don't pay in advance. She'll have no reason to show-up. Most girls don't strip for the fun of it they do it for the money. Pay cash.

2) If you're married don't pay with a credit card. You may not want to rehash this whole affair with your wife. Chances are you can't convince her it was all just good clean fun. And it probably wasn't.

3) Girls who are hired for "extra duty;" human Slip 'n Slide, body shots, you know, more than just taking off their clothes, are often not as attractive as the other more "classic" stripper. A picture is worth a thousand words. Know what you're paying for.


It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

The best way to find a stripper is to go to the kind of places they hang out, i.e. your local strip-clubs, and view the talent. Every girl has her own nuances, some strip, and some just dance in brief attire. You'll want to see all the girls. Enjoy yourself during your research project. And since you're the guy doing the reconnaissance, you get to pick the girl. Isn't this great?

When you see one that fits the bill, call her over to your table (a strategically placed five dollar bill really helps) and let her know that you're planning a bachelor party. Most of the girls strip on the side, for bachelor parties, strip-o-grams and etc., and so she will see this as an opportunity to audition for you. Lucky you. Chances are, she'll have a business card. After you have five or six business cards (and proper re-con requires hours of laborious clubbing) start calling the girls to see exactly what they do in their shows and what their fees are.

Know Her Limits

Don't let there be any surprises the day of the party. Suppose a girl shows up and announces that there are stipulations to her stripping. For example, no picture taking, or no videotaping or touching.

This will be a let down, especially if you were planning on, shooting, or filming or fondling. Often a deal can be worked out for an additional fee. But it's best to find out in advance.

On the other hand, many girls will do things that you never thought possible. That's Entertainment.

Know Her Show

It's good to get an idea of what exactly she does in her show. Sometimes a stripper will use oils, whipped cream, chocolate, peanut butter, Vodka, mud, etc., in her show. Chances are that she or possibly you will use one or all of these props.

This is a good sign that she doesn't mind being touched. But with this comes the need to clean-up afterwards. She will most likely have a towel for herself but maybe not for you. If the evening features more than one girl, make sure each girl knows the show. Sometimes, girls are lined up by a third party. They may only be given an address and time to show-up.

One may do an oil show and the other may be expecting a water show. Oil and water don't mix. Know the show. Talk to the strippers if you can. This is also a good time to ask questions such as; what type of music she strips to (you may not want to listen to accordion polka disco) and if you need to provide it, or if there will be any fire eating (fire is bad-trust us), or if perhaps there are animals in her act (you might need to bring a shovel).

The last word:

1) Before the party you should visit a bank and get $100-$200 in ones and fives. Most guys will have twenties and no change. You can be the bank once the party starts.

2) Be sure to wear clean boxers in case you're asked to participate.

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