You have a friend in the BestMan business!

Throwing a bachelor party of folkloric proportions is not cheap. Although there are respectable modest-budget bachelor party alternatives, (see our "Low End" link) to do this thing with style, we suggest you; Take the Hollywood approach.

Nobody makes a movie with his own money. Coppola did on Apocalypse Now, completely lost control of his production company, and nearly lost his house and Napa vineyard. Francis wants you to learn from his error in judgment.

Think pre-production, which means you absolutely have to do it in advance. If you wait until the Bachelor Party to bring up finances, things could get awkward, and you might be forced to pay for more of the production than you had planned. Round up the players, lay out the menu you've planned for the night and ask them for a contribution.

Remember, you're pitching a movie script, here. Sell the package properly, and everyone will want a piece of the action.

"Well, Bob, if I could put you down for, like, 50 bucks plus a can of whipped cream, it would really push this project over the edge."

"Whipped cream?"

"Yeah, whipped cream. In a can, okay, Bob? Bambi says she needs it for some part of her act. Maybe two cans, okay Bob? Love you, Babe."

A discussion of finances seems to be a good place to have a quick word on drinking and driving. Do the math. In most places, the cost of effective damage control on a DUI arrest will finance about 500 cab rides or weeks of limousine service - especially when you consider that you're splitting the fare. If one of your team is on the wagon for whatever reason, and agrees to drive - excellent. If not, cabs are convenient and fun - plus cab drivers always know the cool hangouts, as do limousines drivers. Tip well, they're saving you a fortune and maybe your life.

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