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Chivas Regal - This whisky, a blend of 12-year-old malts, is rich and smoky with hints of maple and spice.

Clan MacGregor - This blend, bottled in the United States, offers a sweet, honey nose with a smooth finish that has a hint of oak.

Cutty Sark - Slight hints of vanilla and a subtle, smoky peat flavor mark this blend.

Cluny - This blend, bottled in The United States, has a soft, smoky nose and a light, peaty flavor.

Dewar's White Label - This whisky has a heathery nose, with a mellow, smoked peat flavor that finishes with a slight grassy taste.

J&B; Rare - This whisky is an interesting spicy mix with heather undertones.

Johnnie Walker Black - A 12-year-old blend with a hickory and smoky peat base, a hint of licorice and a warm, smooth finish.

Johnnie Walker Blue - This blend, which includes some 60-year-old malt, is dark with deep wood tones and a superb peaty flavor.

Johnnie Walker Gold - This blend of 18-year-old whiskies has a balanced licorice and grassy bed of flavors.

Johnnie Walker Red - This whisky has a smoked peat and wood nose with a complex flavor that hints of spice and roasted nuts.

Old Smuggler - This blend, bottled in the United States, has a floral nose, and is slightly dry with hints of nut and heather.

Scoresby Very Rare - This blend, bottled in the United States, is straw colored with a mellow nose and a slightly peppery flavor.

Usher's Green Stripe - Also bottled in the United States, this blend has a syrupy texture with peat in the nose and hints of fresh green grass.

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