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Rum is as diverse a drink as you can find. Here is a sampling of some of the better known Rums.

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Appleton Estate (Jamaica) - A distinctive rum with peat and exotic fruits on the nose and an herbal sweetness with echoes of eucalyptus and dried berries. Aged 12 years, it is not immediately reminiscent of rum.

Bacardi Anejo (Puerto Rico) - A clean bright rum. Well balanced, with a light body. Some spiciness with citrus and oak flavors.

Bacardi Gold Reserve (Puerto Rico) - A straightforward rum with a nutty, vanilla nose, and some nut and spice flavors with a dry, buttery finish.

Bermudez Aniversario (Dominican Republic) - Aromas of butterscotch followed with flavors of dried orange peel and cola with a sweet, fruity finish.

Ron Botran (Guatemala) - A nice, aged rum with solid, oaky aromas and smooth, clean flavors of citrus and spice.

Brugal (Dominican Republic) - A golden color with strong scents of cola. Tropical fruit flavors with caramel and butterscotch notes and a short finish.

Cockspur V.S.O.R. (Barbados) - An iridescent, almost Day-Glo, yellow color. Mild spice aromas and flavors, but a taste of raw sugar cane.

Cruzan Gold (Virgin Islands) - A basic rum. Some woody notes on the nose, but it is light and delicate with a neutral finish.

Flor de Ca–a Black Label (Nicaragua) - A light five-year-old rum. Round, with a vanilla nose and a long, sweet finish with some butter notes.

Flor de Ca–a Grand Reserve (Nicaragua) - A nicely balanced seven-year-old rum with a vanilla and citrus nose. Silky flavors with tropical fruit notes.

Gosling's Black Seal (Bermuda) - A distinctive, coffee color, almost black, with strong aromas of cola and coffee. Deep flavors of cocoa bean, cola and a long finish of tropical fruits.

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