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This is a subject more appropriately handled by the Groom and his Bride. But if anyone asks, you should have some expertise. Let us give you some. Besides, a stud like you needs a tux now and again. Most formal wear stores have an album so you can see what a certain style of tuxedo looks like on a male model. Generally, your measurements are taken, and alterations are made at the shop - insist that they are done correctly. It's embarrassing to be seen in an ill-fitting tux. You can buy a tuxedo for less money than you might think - maybe for the price of about four rentals. This only applies to the classic black evening tuxedo, which you will probably wear two or three times a year. Whereas a formal morning coat is generally worn only at one's wedding, and we hope you won't be attending that two or three times a year, or the Ascot opening day.

The style is determined by the event. That includes, time of day or night, the season, and the formality of the occasion. The only exception is the classic black tux, which can be worn anywhere, anytime.

Formal Daytime:
The formal daytime wedding calls for a dark gray cutaway coat and wing collar shirt with an ascot. Trousers, whether pleated or plain front, should be gray striped.
Formal Evening:
For an evening formal ceremony, go with black tails or a black tuxedo (striped or patterned). The bow tie and vest can be either all black or all white.
Semiformal Daytime:
For a semiformal look, opt for a regular-length gray or black stroller coat and lay-down collar shirt with a four-in-hand necktie and striped trousers; or dark suit.
Semiformal Evening:
Think Bond, James Bond. The evening semiformal look is a black tuxedo or dinner jacket with a black tie and cummerbund. You may opt for a white dinner jacket between Memorial Day and Labor Day. A suit may also be worn in dark or light colors, depending on the season.

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