You have a friend in the BestMan business!

Weddings bring out the best and worst in families. It's no surprise, then, that from time to time situations arise which require quick thinking and decorum. A drunken guest staggering into the wedding cake, a lousy DJ with his collection of polka-disco, a tipsy sister-in-law throwing herself at the best man, or any other embarrassing scenario you can imagine. This is the time for the best man to prove his mettle. We've put together decisive solutions for a few of the more common mishaps.

Bouncing a Drunken Guest:
Drunken is OK, it's often expected at a wedding reception - not usually at the wedding itself, but that happens, too. But if a guest has become particularly loud, rude, or abusive, it's time to remove him or her before he or she can cause any more emotional or physical damage. British butlers have been pulling this trick for centuries without causing a fuss. First, inform the target that he has a telephone call in the kitchen or lobby (or that he's needed for some kind of prank the groomsmen are about to play on the groom) and suggest that you can have a fresh drink brought to him there. When he shows up for the phone, have a few stout groomsmen handy and explain the matter to him. Inform any guest that he came to the wedding with, what you have done and ask if they want to take him home. If not, call him a cab.

Lousy DJ:
DJ's or bands are generally auditioned and given a play list. If, however, the entertainment is freelancing, it's your duty to put things right and see to it that the bride has a perfect day. Discuss the matter with him prudently, if he resists, threaten to withhold payment, if that doesn't work, handcuff him in a broom closet and run the operation yourself.

Tipsy, Amorous Sister-in-law:
Enjoy. Unless, of course, she's ugly.

Getaway Car Won't Start:
Give them yours.

Dinner/Lunch is ruined:
Order pizza.

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