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What is this thing, called love?
What is this thing called, love?

"All right, buddy, just stop right there, back away slowly, and no one gets hurt. We've been watching you, and we think we know where all this is headed. Before you do anything rash, we just need to ask you one question. Why the hell do you think you need to get married?"

Plenty of complete boneheads get married for all the wrong reasons. When a woman is presented with a diamond of any size, her inclination toward rational thought is severely impaired. If the two of you have no business shacking up together, she will not be able to tell you until years later, during a ritual known in legal circles as, The Big Fine - divorce. Getting married for the wrong reason will lead to divorce, and divorce is hell.

  • The sex sure is good.
  • With two incomes, we could afford a house.
  • Hell, why not? We're not getting any younger.
  • Opposites attract

We're here to help you get married for all the right reasons (there actually are some). What we like to tell our friends is this: If this girl would be your best buddy if she where a guy, then there's a good chance she would make a good wife. It's simplistic but it has weathered the test of time. Don't get us wrong, there has to be good sex, there has to be physical attraction, but while beauty fades, a buddy is forever.

If you marry your best buddy then there's less chance you'll find yourself screwing around on her. No one wants to hurt their best buddy. And this works both ways, she won't want to hurt her best buddy by screwing around on you.

Also consider:
1) You must be able to confide in her. Even things about your bachelor party, like "yes there was a stripper and she took her clothes off" - of course, think in terms of limited disclosure, not necessarily that you were bare-ass naked also, bucking like a drunk donkey with her on your back.

2) You don't just marry a woman, you marry a family. You must get along with, and respect her family. You're going to be spending an huge amount of time with them over the years and you should seek to minimize any friction.

3) You must both contribute to the finances. And sweat is a negotiable commodity. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, and cooking are critical elements of a successful household.

4) You should have similar ideas concerning:

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