You have a friend in the BestMan business!


Have some fun with this, blow off some steam. The planning and appointments and headaches are all over. It's time to relax . Remember the old tin can tied to the bumper routine? You can do better than that. After the bachelor party you threw, everyone is expecting more. The groom may think the party's over, but you have different idea's. Don't you?

Here are some of our ideas, from benign to a bit more dastardly:

Put rice on his sun visor.

Fill the car with beach balls.

Put a case of empty beer cans on his front seat.

Fill his trunk with styrofoam peanuts

Put Vaseline on his shift knob.

Place a condom over his gas cap.

Put peanut butter on his door handles.

All Oreo cookies come with an adhesive for quick adherence to automotive surfaces. To expose adhesive, twist and remove one cookie.

Here are some slogans that can be put on the back of the car. We recommend white shoe polish, shaving cream works, but keep it off the paint!

Just Married

Just Desserts

Just Having Sex

Just Because She's Expecting

Just Do It

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Steppin' Out
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