You have a friend in the BestMan business!

As best man, you're the green beret commander of the wedding party. But don't presume to give commands or run the show. That's the duty of the bride and her mother. More realistically, you're an undercover special operative. When something goes awry at the wedding or the reception, others will stand around looking sheepish, but you will appear from the shadows and make things right.

When it becomes known that the caterer has skipped town with the deposit, you will commandeer a cell phone, order 20 large pizzas, dispatch a platoon of groomsmen to pick them up and then deliver a witty toast, one lasting just long enough for your troops to return, and finishing up with "...and since that day, Katherine and Bob have always shared a large pepperoni with olives on special occasions. Bon Apetito!"

Think fast on your feet. Keep your mind sharp on every detail. You always have the situation under control. You're Patton, you're Bond. You're the hero of the day. But just kick the dirt and say, "Shucks." You're the best man, it's what you do.

Although most of your duties on the big day are ceremonial. Look through the categories to make sure you know the program. There's even a bride's checklist for you to solicit input about the show. It's simply an outline of details, names, and numbers that you may need for the big day. You print it out and hand it to the Bride. She fills in the blanks, and gives it back to you.

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